Homemade Hardware

Prototyping and Electronics

Guides to help you get started with microcontrollers, breadboarding, bootloading, and understanding electricity.

Arduino to Breadboard

An excellent guide from the Arduino website. However, I would recommend using this Arduino core, so you can use the internal 8MHz clock on the ATmega328 (plus other options)

Programming an ATtiny85

Getting a brand new ATtiny85 microcontroller to run you Arduino code, on a breadboard

Rules of Electricity

A slide show describing some basic rules and observations on electricity

Recommended Parts

ICs and other parts that work well on a DIY circuit board

PCB Design in Eagle CAD

Guides on setting up Eagle, and using it to design our schematics and board layouts.

Eagle Setup

Getting Eagle setup with the Homemade Hardware github repository

Eagle Schematic Design - 1

Part 1 on using the Schematic editor to add parts, and connect them together to make your circuit

Eagle Board Design - 1

Part 1 of using Eagle board design editor to design traces, layouts, and board cuttouts

Eagle Schematic Design - 2

Part 2 on the Eagle schematic editor, using named nets and organizing

Eagle Board Design - 2

Part 2 of using Eagle board designer editor to use groups, ground planes, mirror, and DRC.

DIY Fabrication

Guides on using fabrication techniques and tools when making DIY PCBs at ITP.

Bantam Setup

How to setup the Bantam milling machine for making PCBs

Bantam Milling - 1

Milling your Eagle CAD PCB design on the Bantam milling machine

SMD Soldering

Basic guide on using solder paste, tweezers, and heat-gun to reflow an SMD board